AGV Robot with integrated AR

HeliX is the AGV robot of AlgorithmX with native Augmented Reality integration designed especially for pharmaceutical production and logistic segments.

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HeliX AGV Introduction video

HeliX AGV robots are ideal solutions for a wide range of automating transport tasks in existing and new storage systems. HeliX is easy to set up, program, operate, and even scale.

Know HeliX better ...

The HeliX can be deployed depending on the customer’s requirements as following:
• Fully automated
• Semi-Automated
• Manual

After the task has been assigned at the station, the HeliX Fleet controller recognizes tasks’ traffic and sends the AGVs to the corresponding station automatically.

Cloud Based

Enable robot systems to be endowed with powerful capability whilst reducing costs through cloud technologies. Thus, it helps us to build lightweight, low-cost, smarter robots with an intelligent “brain” in the cloud. The “brain” consists of data center, knowledge base, task planners, deep learning, information processing, environment models, communication support, etc.

Some benefits of our HeliX cloud based solution as following:

•  Disaster Recovery

•  Security

•  Flexibility 

•  Less maintenance 

•  No need installation

•  Automatic Software Updates


Augmented Reality

CaspiX Augmented Reality Framework is a new innovation of AlgorithmX that has advantages over competitors, e.g. it view and understanding  information about the AGV’s surroundings, information about the motor, velocity, final destination, etc.  You can also send commands to the AGV via the CaspiX framework, and also identify the path that AGVs will pass by with comprehensible visualisations. 


Can you imagine how the CaspiX AR can save time? Identify the errors instantly! Herein superimposes on the smartphone’s camera based on the AGV via Helix mobile app (Android).

The more granular you can get, the better.


The Helix Modular System is a construction kit of individual building blocks configured in different ways according to the customer’s design requirements. 


AlgorithmX uses the modularisation methods to minimize product complexity and increase efficiency by configuring-to-order rather than engineering-to-order. 

This construction method is equally applicable for small and large projects and is suitable for all types of Pharmaceutical industries as well as Intralogistics.


The system is simply modular and adaptive.

Helix for Pharmaceutical Production

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Royce Asad
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Phone: +49 160 9503 0109


The Helix AGV robot meets all the requirements of Hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry requirements in terms of reliabilitysafetyhygiene, and control.

Moreover, the automated system can load off the logistics system and improve the production output’s effectiveness in pharmaceutical companies. 

The HeliX can be used for different bag sizes and containers, which can be load in a variety of ways. The HeliX AGV robot transports and delivers a container or a bag from various stations in the Pharmaceutical production hall. 


Most importantly, it takes over unpleasant and tedious tasks, and human personnel no longer have to manually handle bags and sacks – an often monotonous and tiring task. This prevents illnesses caused by repetitive tasks.

Brochure Helix Pharmaceutical Production (EN)

Some advantages of HeliX AGV in Pharma production are as follows:

• Vanish the monotonous and tiring tasks

• Highly precise 

• Increase performance

• Security 

• Reliability 

• Traceability 

• Autonomous


Helix for intraLogistik

HeliX Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems automate workflows by managing and executing transportation tasks based on optimized and flexible strategies. Compared to conveyors, HeliX AGVs can be moved to another facility straightforwardly. 


When maintenance is needed, one AGV can replace the other, providing maximum availability for daily operations.    

The HeliX AGV is ideal for most types of material handling and performs its tasks safely and reliably. With advanced navigation capabilities and customized load handling, these AGVs are efficient in both highly complex logistics systems and simple A-B scenarios. 


In addition, AlgorithmX AGVs can operate as a stand-alone system or as a fully integrated subsystem of a complete plant when connected to an ERP system. 

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Own a small businesses?
Short installation time?
No IT Complexity?

Which version of Helix AGV is appropriate for your company?

Own a mid- or large business?
Scalable system?
Layout freedom?

Helix Base

If you own a small business and need to deliver goods from a-b with no IT complexity and minimum installation and initialization time, HeliX Base is the suitable package for your business.

Helix Enterprise

If you own a mid- or a large business and are willing to scale up your business with no layout limitation, The HeliX Enterprise is the right package for your business.

Helix Base

The HeliX Base package is Plug and Play – comprises one Robot, two control panels, one HeliX fleet controller, and one tablet with installed CaspiX Augmented Realityv framework.

The question now is what brings the Base plan? The answer is, the package helps your business to reduce costs and increase productivity. 

The installation and configuration are pretty straightforward; you easily let the HeliX AGV be the right companion for your business with just a few clicks. However, we support installation and configuration worldwide.

•  Plug and Play

•  Training Package

•  Include Advanced CaspiX Augmented Reality

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Royce Asad
Division Manager

Phone: +49 160 9503 0109


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Helix Enterprise

The HeliX Enterprise package, named a Niche Player – is a scalable system that expands alongside your business expansion, one of the most wanted advantages of this package is giving your business agility and 100 percent freedom on your layout. 

AlgorithmX  team installs and configures the whole system, and aside from that, we train your team. Aside from that, based on customer needs, we add new hardware to the HeliX Enterprise Package. 

Last but not least, AlgorithmX team supports your business shoulder to shoulder along the entire journey.

• Scalability 

• Training Package

• Layout Freedom

• Installation and Configuration

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Royce Asad

Division Manager

Phone: +49 160 9503 0109


Brochure HeliX Logistic (EN)